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Nightside of Eden
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Monday, August 12th, 2013
3:41 pm
Crossing the Thresholds 8
Crossing the Thresholds 8 Registration is now open! An otherkin and pagan gathering held at Four Quarters Farm, a beautiful interfaith sanctuary, complete with altars scattered around the woodsy site to many different deities, a labyrinth, stone circle, and sand filled drum circle.
Thursday, August 21st, 2008
11:06 am
Can any of you recommend any good factual books dealing specifically with the subject of the Yezidis and Yezidi beliefs?

Current Mood: curious
Friday, September 15th, 2006
5:16 pm
Queer Sex Magick/Mysticism Anthology
Heads up. I'm compiling an anthology to be published (I assume, at this point) through a self-publishing service such as Lulu. I am looking for articles, illustrations, short stories and poetry that treats of queer sex magick and sex mysticism. I don't care whether you're Thelemic, Wiccan, Discordian, whatever. I have a feeling that I will get a lot of material from gay males, which is fine, but I also need as much stuff as possible from lesbian, genderqueer/transgender etc. perspectives. Personally I will be writing about magick involving the manipulation of gender. If anyone is interested, send me an email at gregory.esteven@selu.edu.

Thank you.
Thursday, December 8th, 2005
11:52 pm
TOA and other magickal goodies for sale!!!
Hey all.
NO!! not intending to spam!
But I would rather offer such selected items to selected magicians and trained officials first (as we MAY or might find them on this discussion board) before any other Wiccans or perhaps dabblers get their hands on them first!

I am offering my hand painted Triangle of Art, a brass vessel, 4 elemental tools and other Magical goodies up for aucion on Ebay.(With more wonders to come!) If your curious, have yourself a look!

Best pursuits on the Ascending path, or wherever you may be destined..



Current Mood: chipper
Tuesday, November 29th, 2005
11:18 am
EXCELLENT resource on Jack Parsons

Many of you may already know this site, but if not, enjoy!
Sunday, November 27th, 2005
12:40 am
Nameless and Damned -- call for submissions
Nameless and Damned, a literary zine in the technological style of the 1990s and the aesthetic of the 1890s, respectfully requests submissions for its fourth issue. We publish articles, prose, and poetry on a wide array of subjects. Our zine traditionally runs themed issues, and in honor of the number of magick, our fourth issue is dedicated to all things mystical and magical. We therefore request submissions relating to mysticism and magic – be they poems of evocation, stories about magi, or even articles about magic. For this issue, we are especially interested in first-hand accounts of magic, mysticism, or the occult -- occult journalism, if you will. Ever summoned a demon to corporal form and lived to tell the tale? Tell your story to our readers. For more information or to download our zine, please visit our website (Nameless and Damned), or our livejournal. I hope to read your submissions in the next issue!
Monday, October 31st, 2005
1:23 am
The Inverse Tree and the Underworld
I have some questions relating to the Inverse Tree of Death and how it relates to the Underworld. I've been an Underworld Magician (ie, I work mainly with the Cthonic Deities and the energy associated with Death and the Underworld) for a few years now, and I've just now begun to read Kenneth Grant's "Nightside of Eden", which is like stepping into the Underworld and looking around before going back to your safe bedroom, lights on. It's intense.

My question is: what do you all think about the similarities between the Inverse Tree and the Underworld? What do you think about Grant's hypothesis? I'm going to write about it for my website and would love some commentary from those in the know.

Tuesday, September 20th, 2005
10:58 pm

The Taoist belief, as far as I can interpret it, is that we* are all here for a reason.  This naturally leads to a belief in fate and destiny - something I have great faith in. 

What I am interested in is breaking this down.  The greatest destiny, obviously, in any of our existences as humans is being born and dying.  Between these two occurances we have the power, the ability and arguably the fate, to affect the lives and the existences of others.  And so it follows that the next greatest destiny is procration (assuming that we are not out to kill people for whatever reason).  I would then assume that sex must be a necessary marker in our destiny, as it is the most natural way to procreate, though admittedly not the only way.  To retreat in this vein even more, it follows that it is necessary for us to meet the person with whom we are to have sex and create a new life. 

My first question is this:  What if we meet someone, have sex, and DON'T make a baby.  Is this still fate?  Is it still our destiny?  How much of our lives are destiny and how much is simply occurance.  I have heard it said many times that 'nothing happens by accident', and that there is a reason for everything.  What is it about our experiences that make some life-altering and some common?  Is it a matter of interpretation?   A matter of perception?

I suppose what a common occurance for me may be life-altering for another person with whom the experience occurred.  Take, for instance, a car accident.  My bumper may be dented whereas the person who's car slid into mine when I wasn't even in it could be crippled for life.  I have not even the slightest guilt...I was nowhere near the accident though I need a touchup on my paint job.    And then there is the lucky shop owner who makes profit for painting my bumper.  It all balances, it is all connected, right down to the taxes paid to the government on the paint job which go toward the medical bill of the person who was crippled in the accident.

Sometimes I think the life-altering experiences are long in the discovery that they are such.  When I trace back the decisions I have made in my life which lead me to meeting the person who gave me the gift of my children I realize only now how they changed my life.  Back then it was simply, in my case, a matter of applying for a job.  The appearance of my first child didn't come for another seven years.

So my second question would be this:  How much of our destiny has to do with our choices in life?  All of it?  None of it?  The very concept of destiny is that it is inescapable.  Do we really have the choice to make the choices we make?  Or are they predestined also?

Another very stong belief I have is that when we are going to die, we are going to die.  So even if I make the choice not to get on the bus that is going to explode tomorrow, I will fall down the stairs at home and break my neck.  It was bound to happen.  Do all things happen with this type of inescapability?   Or is it just the 'big' things in life?  Which leads back to my first question, how much is fate? 

*'we' includes people, animals, trees, blades of grass, grains of sand, etc etc.


Current Mood: contemplative
Wednesday, August 24th, 2005
9:53 am
I'm currently writing a short piece on Enoch as he is mentioned in the canonical Bible of the Orthodox and Catholic Churches. I've been ransacking lists of books recognized by each of the Orthodox Churches, reading them all, and putting together my notes on how Enoch is envisioned in each. I've also been looking at where each of these texts fits in time, including looking at what the documentary hypothesis has to say about the documents that the Biblical authors were drawing on. I want it to be especially useful for those in the hermetic and broader occult communities. Anyway, does anyone have any suggestions as to what I should include in this article, or who might be interested in publishing a print edition when it's done?

X-posted a couple of places; sorry.
Tuesday, August 23rd, 2005
2:38 am
Book of Coming Forth by Night
as received by Michael A. Aquino

***note from book_of_lies777: the few illustrations included in this 'received book' have not been included here, but are described within parentheses(__) at the appropriate places in the text***

The Equinox has succumbed to my Solstice, and I, Set, am revealed in my Majesty.

The time of the Purification is past.

The fate of my Gifted race rests in balance, and I shall not recant my Word, spoken to my
High Priest MehenPetTha in old Khem and now again to you.

Proclaim the nineteen Parts of the Word, and vanquish thus the feeble and corrupt Keys of Enoch, which were but a shadow of my true Word and now are an affront to me.

I am the ageless Intelligence of this Universe. I created HarWer that I might define my Self. All other gods of all other times and nations have been created by men. This you know from the first Part of my Word, and from my manifest semblance, which alone is not of Earth.Read more...Collapse )
Sunday, August 21st, 2005
9:42 am
GLORY and praise to thee, O Satan, in the height
Of Heaven, where thou didst rule, and in the night
Of Hell, where conquered, dost dream silently!
Grant that one day my soul 'neath Knowledge-Tree
Rest near thine own soul, when from they forehead
Like a new temple all its branches spread.

~Aleister Crowley, The Collected Works, Vol. II
Wednesday, August 17th, 2005
12:03 am
Gregor A. Gregorius
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

founder, Fraternitas Saturni
Sunday, August 14th, 2005
8:55 pm
Could "The Necronomicon" have been real?
an amazingly interesting tidbit regarding HP Lovecraft and Dr. John Dee's "Arabik boke"(book), which Dee paid 600 British pounds(!) for in the 1580's:

8:28 pm
Hey you! Feel free to post
I know there's LOTS of LHP info out there - share your opinions, articles, links, or whatever.

We can all learn more.
9:33 am
Invocation to Set
Invocation to Set

In the most sacred Name of the most revered SET, Creator and Master of the Universe, without a master; formidable Prince of Darkness, Prince of the Underworld, Master of Demons, I __________, command every force of Darkness to instill my Being with their Infernal Powers.

Hail SET, Fount and Provider of all Magical Power! I come forth by Night and stretch forth my Will through the Darkness of the angles to seek out and unite with the Will of SET, with Friend-ship and Joy!

Hail SET, Prince of Darkness, come forth by Night; open Wide the Gates through the Angles of Magical Dimensions and greet me as your Friend and Brother/Sister. You have sought me, and I, in turn, seek Thee.

Hail SET, Source of the Black Flame, hear me, come Thou forth. You, who have created Power over all the kingdoms of the world, give, bestow, deliver this Power to me. Come down unto Me, SET, Creator and Ruler of this world. Attend me in this Rite.

Hail SET, with the Force of Your Will, help me to conquer my own Will. Infinite Will, bestow on me the Ultimate Potential of the Black Flame, establishing in Me the true Guardianship of the Eternal Will, so that any and all who would shun and curse You, with their desire of annihilation of Will, will be instantly and eternally defeated, themselves.

Hail SET, Master of all Demons, make all Spirits subject unto Me, so that every Spirit of the Firmament, and of the Ether, upon the Earth and under the Earth, on dry Land and in the Water, of Whirling Air and of rushing Fire; and every Spell and Scourge may be obedient unto Me.

I AM, Myself of Essence, unto Myself a Being, through the fulfillment of My Will and the Will of SET.

Hail SET, Might of Hell unleashed, I seek to find and reach my Destiny, which is Xem! Oh Mighty, Great gods and goddesses of the Infernal Pit, I do conjure you, I command, I demand these things I request shall come to pass.

Hail SET!

***** I did not write this - I have no idea who did - I simply found it and posted it *****
Sunday, July 31st, 2005
4:03 am
this makes sooooo much sense
"The appeal of occultism is much the same as that of conventional religion: Logical positivism and scientific materialism, though they have made great strides towards explaining the “how” of existence, have failed entirely to explain the “why”. Hence the curious seek answers in metaphysical philosophy or religion. Metaphysical philosophy requires a logical base from which various suprarational principles are induced. Conventional religion is the simplification of such a philosophy into a crude ideology, which adherents need not understand, but only accept as an act of blind faith."

Friday, July 29th, 2005
6:55 am
Crowley used the sevenfold star as a basis for the Seal which he designed for the Great White Brotherhood. The major emblem of the Silver Star is thus the sevenfold seal upon the Yoni of the Star Goddess. In the yonis, or triangles appear the seven letters of the Name B.A.B.A.L.O.N. Centrally, a vesica is shown, blocked or barred, indicating the presence of the secret seed; the point has become the line, the diameter has become the circumference. This seed is the "hermit", the hidden, masked, anonymous male essence in the process of begetting its image as the Sun-son upon the Mother goddess. This is therefore the Seal of Set who opens his mother's womb, as Sothis the Star opens the Circle of the Year. His infinite light breaks open her Night and causes her to appear as infinite Darkness.

The symbolism stems from the mythological phase of human evolution, a phase long antedating the patriarchal systems of later societies, either sociologically or religiously considered. It stems from that period of time when the male's role in procreation was as yet unsuspected. The symbolism therefore reflects a stage in human consciousness when the mechanics of regeneration were conducted by the priests under the guise of the beast, thus rehearsing the primal drama of fecundation, when the Great Goddess was imaged in animal form, on all fours. Nuit, arched over the earth, translated this symbolism into an anthropomorphic image.

~Kenneth Grant, The Magical Revival

Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com
4:40 am
"Thou Art Thyself God" by Gregor A. Gregorius
Thou Art Thyself God

Thou must affirm the God in Thee,
for every doubt takes power from Thee,
and every step towards Thy divine awareness
brings Thee a step higher in Thy maturity!

Thou canst kindle the spark, that God hath lent to Thee,
to the pure flame that makes worlds
fall and rise again.
God is in Thee! - Thou art Thyself God!

Thus Thou canst have Gods enthroned in Thee,
build altars, ignite sacrificial flames,
for every form of dream and thought empowers Thee
and every wish takes shape and form.

Thus Thou art the builder of transcendent worlds,
imaginary creator of Thy own realm,
Thou art priest, magus, kingly lord
and prince of thy soul’s vast expanse.

Cypress groves surround your palaces of thought
and blue waves strike against the marble steps
and ships sail upon the oceans
for Thee, Thou who wearest the purple.

The Earth is Thy sorrow that produced the knowledge
and bitter fruits of its Golgotha.
And nevertheless, some day the call will reach Thee:
“Lo! I am here!”

Eugen Grosche, Gregor A. Gregorius (1888-1964)
Founder, Fraternitas Saturni
4:01 am
Goetic help with specific needs/problems - Part 1(more to follow)
***number in (_) corresponds to "The Goetia"***

(10) Buer

(53) Camio (communication)
(24) Naberius
(62) Volac (serpents)

(32) Asmoday
(1) Bael
(51) Balam
(18) Bathin (Takes you where you want to go)
(33) Gäap

(29) Astaroth
(32) Asmoday
(11) Gusion
(35) Marchosias
(55) Orobas
(57) Osé
(37) Phenex
(20) Purson
(3) Vassago

(68) Belial (promotions)
(15) Eligos (business and financial success)
(11) Gusion (promotions)
(9) Paimon (promotions)
(62) Volac (finds one a good job)
(60) Vapula (help in manual professions)
Thursday, July 28th, 2005
8:03 pm
The Tree of Night
by Linda Falorio

Kether *Sahasrara* Crown

The Image: The Kalas of the Stars rain down from transplutonian dimensions.
The Vision: The Great Old Ones — "People who come from the other side of the sea" of interstellar space, the Mu, the Moa.
Power: That of trans-dimensional / interstellar time-travel.

Binah / Chokmah *Ajna* Brow

The Image: The Inward-Looking Eye. "With Thy right eye create an Universe."
The Vision: The reflection of the Moon upon still, dark water; rainbows of oil upon water.
Power: To enter the Dream Time,to leave the body at Will.

Daäth / Vishuddha *Knot of Shiva* Decussation of the Pyramids

The Image: The Winged Serpent as Androgyne—Gyander.
The Vision: The Labyrinth, Entrance to Universe B via The Tunnels of Set.
Power: That of the voltigeurs, of shape-shifting, of the Shaman, of cosmic transmutation of the primal cell; Knowledge of past-present-future as existent in the Now.

Tiphareth *Anahata* Heart

The Image: The Black Snake devouring the eclipsed Sun; the Crossroads.
The Vision: The Ego-less Void between the Worlds: "for there is no god where I am."
Power: That of invisibility; of entering another's body.

Veil of Paroketh *Manipura* Knot of Vishnu / Diaphragm

The Image: The Black Hole, matter collapsed upon itself.
"For my left hand has crushed an Universe, and nought remains"; a dark rain cloud.
The Vision: "The Howler in the waste."
Power: That of speech in silence; hunger; the power of the shroud.

Yesod *Svadisthana* Navel

The Image: The Primal Soup as it moves and froths.
The Vision: The swamp, the waters of illusion; the water gourd, the cup filled with wine.
Power: That of fascination and enchantment; of imagination kindled by desire; The creation of one's own universe.

Knot of Brahma *Center* Ch'i

The Image: The Web, tentacles.
The Vision: Interconnected nodes of infinitely corroding light.
Power: That of the drum, as keeper and creator of Time.

Malkuth *Muladhara* Que

The Image: Nuit, the Silver Rain, the sexual kalas as they pour forth from the body of the Suvasini.
The Vision: The Dance of sex-birth-death-bliss; the staff with skull on top; the empty mind.
Power: That of tantric energy exchange, of distilling the transforming elixir; of raising kundalini up the spine, exploding consciousness into the Shower of Stars.
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